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Bear Performance

Creating an engaging brand & website for a personal trainer & sports coach in Kent.

Brand Ambassador for Bear Performance reached about producing a website for his company that has been struggling to improve over the past couple of years. From the consultation, we identified the client had never ‘loved’ their previous brand and was persuaded by a national marketing brand to produce a website.
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Creating a brand that works.

Having spent vast sums of money and lost trust in digital activation, the project was about building trust and showcasing what a stunning brand and website could do, it was quickly identified that a rebrand and an update to his business model were needed.

One of the main goals was to improve brand consistency, previously the company had many logos, many templates used on social media, and incoherent messaging that ultimately confused their customers.

Taking into consideration the requirements from the client, and research was taken from market research: ‘A brand and visual display that clients can appreciate and own’. – ‘A brand that resonates with local customers and also digital customers’‘A works across traditional & digital marketing means.’

The story behind the ideas & concepts.

Conceptualisation of this brand was an exciting process, ByConstant & Bear Performance, continued to develop their company goals, aspirations for their business, what the client wanted to see, and how he wants to show his customers what he’s about. The brand is an extension of your persona, your values, and your mission statement.

Towards the beginning of the brainstorming, it was clear the brand was missing human elements that Josh liked. Firstly we worked on names. A few names were thrown around and nothing landed, it was clear that the business had to be different from most fitness companies and that’s where a personal interest of Bears appeared twinned with the mission statement of the business combined to make “Bear Performance”.

Creatively inspired by McLaren Racing and his love of motorsports is where we started to build inspiration and orange was chosen to represent Bear Performance.

The outcome of the project was perfect, the logo, branding, social media assets, and the website was created very quickly once the idea was agreed upon, On September 1st, 2020 the website went live with the sole purpose to increase revenue for Bear Performance through the education of classes, training sessions & nutrition advice.

In the next couple of months following live deployment, the website will undergo further developments to improve the offering of Bear Performance.

Bear Performance Website Design and Development Case Study

Up & running.

During the discovery phase of the project, we very quickly noticed many challenges and quick wins that we could take advantage of, it was apparent the SEO on the previous site was done for efficiency with short-term success in mind, it was time to change the approach.

Unfortunately, website performance tools like Google Analytics and Search Console were missing, so we had very few metrics and keywords to review, utilising external tools and the client’s requirements we built a SEO strategy that resonated with their business for quick wins, potential enquiries, and long-term success.

Stats taken from February 2021, Data Range: 3 months.

Organic Search

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New Users

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Local SEO Tactics!

Being a local business to support people with their health & wellbeing, local visibility is a must. For Bear Performance, Local SEO is essential, as a small business that operates on a regional, as opposed to a national level.

As a project team, Google My Business was made a business priority. 92% of all searches are made on Google and Bear Performance’s customers will predominantly use Google & Bing to find a local business. The proof is in the results so far…

Total Searches


Total Profile Views


Consumer Actions


Stats taken from February 2021, Data Range: 3 months.


ByConstant: Digital Agency has been unbelievably helpful to me and my business. I’m not very good with anything online websites, social media, Etc. But with their knowledge and expertise in these fields, he’s helping me in more ways than one including bringing me up from hard times. Also, the work he produces is second to none top quality! If you haven’t guessed, yet I’m very pleased and happy with ByConstant’s work and will be using him for the foreseeable future!

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